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Pledge for the Outlaw Tour16th October, 2013

With such an amazing Facebook response to the question ‘where we should we be playing’ it seemed logical to put together a plan that lets you decide exactly that. The ‘Outlaw’ tour will be take place between 26th February – 16th March. We’ll also be releasing that track as a single to coincide with this adventure.

The idea is that you pre-order a ticket for where you’d like us to come and play and if there are enough of you in the same town then that’s where we’ll go.

If you do pre-order and you happen to be the only MHB fan on the Isle of Mull don’t worry. You won’t be charged unless we come to your town

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, from this point on the tour is in your hands.

Thanks for getting involved. Your support is always appreciated.


Click here to go to the pledge page.

The Mojo Fix Tour Rolls On…5th April, 2013

After some key US and European dates, Martin will return to the UK in June. With the band he will go to some of the places that were missed in March. If you are around please come down and say hello, and if you haven’t got ‘Mojo Fix‘ yet copies will be available at all shows as well as via this website’s store page!

13 – The Railway, Winchester
14 – Century Theatre , Coalville
15 – The High Barn, Braintree
16 – The Ironworks, Oswestry
19 – The Halfmoon, Putney,
20 – The Studio, Totnes
21 – Mylor Sessions, Falmouth
22 – Somerset Cider and Cheese Fest, Taunton
26 – West End Centre, Aldershot - On Sale Soon
27 – The Flowerpot, Derby
23 – River Cottage, Axminster

You will find ticket links are on the ‘Tour’ page, when shows go on sale we will update the website.

Happy March 23rd from the Martin Harley Band UK Tour!23rd March, 2013

Thanks to all of you who came out to the Fibbers show in York. Especially good to see Dean and his new ‘Love in the Afternoon’ weissenborn tattoo. We’re on route to the Think Tank in Newcastle through the snow. Hope you can make it out tonight!

22nd March, 2013

Testing the new web page with the tour dates… we’re on tour in the UK right now!


Dear Bill Murray13th June, 2012

Dear Bill,

Sorry it’s been so long since I last wrote to you. As you may know I’ve been recording a new album in Texas. It’s now in the mixing stages and due for release in the US around August. I’ve also been in New Orleans and LA with photographer and friend Nigel Crane AKA the ‘Attorney’ (more the kind of attorney Hunter S Thompson would employ than someone you might call if you fell off a step ladder at work or got your hair stuck in a lathe). The purpose of this trip was to take some promotion shots for the new and as yet untitled album. Apart from breaking into a derelict amusement park and meeting a nice man with one leg and a large automatic rifle (another story), we had the privilege of a slightly more legal shoot on the Sony pictures lot in LA. On arrival I noticed the Ghostbusters wagon and the car from the Green Hornet parked at the gates and couldn’t resist the opportunity for a quick pic. I think I still have a home made proton pack made from Hoover parts and an ice cream tub covered in tin foil if you felt like re-enacting a few of my fave scenes from the movie over a couple of beers sometime???. Please find enclosed aforementioned picture of me trying to look cool in front of your old station wagon.

Call me,

Martin XX