Martin Harley


DISCOGRAPHY Mojo Fix Martin Harley returns with his unique and inimitable "delta blues" influenced songs featuring his masterful slide guitar work on the Weissenborn with 10 new songs recorded in Texas during his latest creative sabbatical!
  1. Mojo Fix
  2. Outlaw
  3. Cardboard King
  4. Ball & Chain
  5. Treading Water
  6. Wrecking Ball
  7. Tightrope
  8. Rum Shack
  9. Working for The Man
  10. Mean Old City
  Drumrolls For Somersaults "Drumrolls For Somersaults" is the third studio album from the idiosyncratic British Americana act, The Martin Harley Band, and their strongest work to date.
  1. Love In The Afternoon
  2. Automatic Life
  3. Darcy's Car
  4. Drumrolls For Somersaults
  5. Hand To Hold
  6. Take What You Want
  7. Just Passing Through
  8. Winter Coat
  9. Cowley Road
  10. Honey Bee
  Love In The Afternoon "Love In The Afternoon" is the second single from The Martin Harley Band's third full length album, "Drumrolls For Somersaults". Also featuring two B-Sides, "Money Don't Matter" (Live), and "Let Her Go" Live, both recorded at The Ironworks in Oswestry by Aled Roberts and featuring enigmatic blues harp player, Vags.
  1. Love In The Afternoon
  2. Money Don't Matter (Live)
  3. Let Her Go (Live)
  Grow Your Own "Grow Your Own" is the third full length album from British blues/roots trio The Martin Harley Band. Recorded at One Life Productions in London and mastered by American studio guru Bob Katz, this collection of songs sees the MHB broadening their sound with tasteful use of strings, horns and electric guitars on odd occasions. The feel of the music drifts from mournful ballads to jazzy swing to bluesy hip-hop and beyond into full blown rock, with not a weak track on the album.
  1. One For The Road
  2. When I Go
  3. Grow Your Own
  4. Amelie
  5. Nobody's Fault But Mine
  6. Thousand Miles Of Sky
  7. Stone Cold Believer
  8. How Long
  9. Blues At My Window (Slight Return)
  10. Sail On
  11. The End Of The World
  Money Don't Matter "Money Don't Matter" is the second studio album from The Martin Harley Band, originally released by Transistor Recordings in 2006. Recorded largely at Nova Head Studios, this album is choc full of the vibe and character which the MHB have in abundance. Featuring live favourites "Money Don't Matter" and "Carnival Girl", and with a whole host of other great songs, this record is a must have for anyone who has just discovered the MHB.
  1. Money Don't Matter
  2. Dealer
  3. Carnival Girl
  4. If The World's Gonna Change
  5. Can't Stop Moving
  6. Single Harp Sundays
  7. Lonely With You
  8. This Ocean
  9. Somebody New
  10. I Call It A Night
  Martin Harley Fronted by the inimitable singer and guitarist Martin Harley, the MHB truly are a band like no other. With a strong DIY ethic and a love of unusual instrumentation, from lap-slide guitar, double bass and cocktail drumkit, and bolstered by three-part harmonies, the band have crafted a unique, timeless sound that has seen them develop a sizeable following both in the UK and abroad.
  1. Summer Shadows
  2. One Life To Live
  3. Chocolate Jesus
  4. Del Mundo
  5. Nobody's Fool
  6. Steady Rollin'
  7. Small Voice
  8. Some Fires
  9. Drown Our Sorrows
  10. I Shall Be Released
  11. Chocolate Jesus (Full Band Version)