Harley Kimbro Lewis Vinyl (180g) - Harley Kimbro Lewis

Harley Kimbro Lewis Vinyl (180g)

The debut album from Martin Harley, Daniel Kimbro and Sam Lewis. for N. America please go to samlewistunes.com

  1. Grey Man
  2. Neighbors
  3. Creepin' Charlie
  4. Cowboy In Hawaii
  5. Rosary
  6. Good Guy
  7. Who’s Hungry
  8. I Got A Chair
  9. Tokyo
  10. What To Do
  11. Whiskey Decisions
  12. Man Get A Hold Of Your Self

This product will arrive with us late March. It will be posted as soon as possible. Expect early April deliveries. The delay is due to Brexit/Covid complications and extremely long production wait times. Thank you for your patience. For North American orders please visit samlewistunes.com